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When we use the Internet, more often than not, information about us is being transmitted to other parties. Sometimes this information is simple, like a tracking identifier, and sometimes it's very personal, like your name, birth date, or credentials.

This information is leaked differently when you use an online service via a Web site and an app. So a natural question is, which is worse, app or Web?

This site helps you answer this question for several popular services (e.g., Yelp, Priceline, and ESPN) that we analyzed in our lab using controlled experiments. We figured out what other parties these services contact over the Internet, and which of your data they share with those parties.

Use the interface on this site to select a service, and mobile OS, and how much each type of personal information matters to you. As you change the importance of each information leak using the sliders, the page will update with new rankings.

Note that due to responsible disclosure, we have elided cases of password leaks to third parties while the developers fix their vulnerabilities.

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