Bug Fixes, Improvements, ..., and Privacy Leaks

A Longitudinal Study of PII Leaks Across Android App Versions

Table 7. Third-party domain trackings

Third-party domains track mostly different unique identifiers and there is little correlation between the number of contacted flows and the number of flows having PII. We group the following domains as google[*]: google.com, googleapis.com, doubleclick.net, google-analytics.com, gstatic.com, googleusercontent.com, googleadservices.com.

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Domain #Flows #PII leaks #Apps #APKs #PII types PII Types
google[*]17037422383369193710HW Serial, Location, IMEI, Ad ID, GSF ID, Android ID, Gender, MAC Addr., First Name, Last Name
crashlytics.com665311461106216Ad ID, Android ID, PhoneNo., HW Serial, Email, IMEI
vungle.com1405780211326Ad ID, Location, Android ID, HW Serial, MAC Addr., Gender
adjust.com1186650311766Ad ID, Android ID, IMEI, Password, HW Serial, MAC Addr.
supersonicads.com7916139366Ad ID, HW Serial, IMEI, Location, Android ID, MAC Addr.
amazon-adsystem.com131543815716MAC Addr., HW Serial, Android ID, IMEI, Ad ID, Location
kochava.com63333821806Android ID, Ad ID, IMEI, Email, MAC Addr., Gender
tapjoyads.com55035390434405IMEI, MAC Addr., HW Serial, Android ID, Ad ID
mopub.com75603657382355Ad ID, Android ID, Gender, Location, IMEI
applovin.com55912360261495Ad ID, Android ID, IMEI, Gender, Location
sponsorpay.com64132272131415Ad ID, Android ID, MAC Addr., IMEI, Location
appsflyer.com38962202836545Android ID, Ad ID, IMEI, HW Serial, MAC Addr.
applifier.com981622181325MAC Addr., Ad ID, HW Serial, IMEI, Android ID
w3i.com5805476335Ad ID, HW Serial, MAC Addr., IMEI, Android ID
umengcloud.com54634410835HW Serial, MAC Addr., IMEI, Android ID, SIM ID
fiksu.com1871638255IMEI, Android ID, HW Serial, MAC Addr., Ad ID
appboy.com200806365HW Serial, Location, Email, Ad ID, IMEI
facebook.com2271441171178314Ad ID, Email, Location, IMEI
localytics.com30752018141474Ad ID, Android ID, Location, HW Serial
parse.com32409834204IMEI, Password, Email, HW Serial
ad-x.co.uk6055606614IMEI, MAC Addr., Ad ID, HW Serial
mydas.mobi60136314604IMEI, Ad ID, Android ID, Location
goforandroid.com4662172184Ad ID, Android ID, IMEI, Email
segment.io3971942134Ad ID, Location, PhoneNo., Email
crittercism.com14961605224IMEI, Android ID, Location, Ad ID
akamaihd.net20851284164IMEI, Android ID, HW Serial, MAC Addr.
amazonaws.com4720458264Ad ID, Location, Email, IMEI
flurry.com44801396727653Android ID, Ad ID, IMEI
tapjoy.com38221354292373IMEI, Ad ID, Android ID
omniata.com10098413253HW Serial, Ad ID, Gender
umeng.com254975410993MAC Addr., IMEI, Location
unity3d.com1953533221903IMEI, Ad ID, Android ID
tokenads.com489489293Android ID, MAC Addr., Ad ID
pokkt.com343343233Location, Gender, Ad ID
cloudfront.net119393022153Android ID, Gender, Ad ID
nexage.com3682778193Ad ID, MAC Addr., IMEI
startappservice.com150225713313IMEI, Location, Ad ID
presage.io29223037583Ad ID, MAC Addr., IMEI
adcolony.com1138223231543Ad ID, Android ID, IMEI
kontagent.net9021704203Android ID, Ad ID, IMEI
mdotm.com223166263Ad ID, Android ID, IMEI
servedbyopenx.com1641643203Location, Gender, Ad ID
smartadserver.com3711485333Location, Ad ID, Android ID
rayjump.com63114512273Ad ID, IMEI, Android ID
adjust.io28112610303Ad ID, Android ID, MAC Addr.
startappexchange.com2001269393Android ID, Location, Ad ID
smaato.net2161237443IMEI, Ad ID, Location
mmnetwork.mobi1131134103Location, Ad ID, Android ID
branch.io5149511263Ad ID, Android ID, Password
inner-active.mobi148776273Ad ID, Location, IMEI
googlesyndication.com18263746133Ad ID, Location, Android ID
openx.net82572463Location, Ad ID, Gender
mobileapptracking.com237683253Ad ID, IMEI, MAC Addr.
glympse.com137673273Password, First Name, Last Name
lenzmx.com1255519293Ad ID, Android ID, IMEI
airpush.com5150273IMEI, Location, Ad ID
measurementapi.com954010143Ad ID, Android ID, Gender
tapsense.com45363143IMEI, Ad ID, Gender
omwpx.com34344103Location, Ad ID, Android ID
appspot.com225295133IMEI, Ad ID, Android ID
ioam.de401264263IMEI, Ad ID, Android ID
adnxs.com93521383Gender, Ad ID, Location
aarki.net158203133IMEI, Gender, Ad ID
fqtag.com35209133Ad ID, Location, Android ID
taobao.com26417263MAC Addr., HW Serial, Android ID
paypal.com7617243Android ID, HW Serial, IMEI
taptica.com289783Ad ID, IMEI, Gender
cloudflare.com1055233Location, Android ID, Ad ID
adkmob.com283718855902Ad ID, Android ID
xiti.com144711247952Location, Android ID
bfmio.com866823332Location, Ad ID
app-measurement.com1217440441852Ad ID, HW Serial
yahoo.com94720118872Ad ID, HW Serial
amplitude.com3131826442Ad ID, Android ID
56txs4.com17517213262Gender, Ad ID
aerserv.com1961696282Location, Ad ID
angsrvr.com1661634182Location, Ad ID
leanplum.com2821382102MAC Addr., IMEI
mobfox.com1821383232IMEI, Ad ID
adsafeprotected.com15441349162Ad ID, Location
innovid.com2291193142Location, Ad ID
avocarrot.com1071073102Ad ID, Location
doubleverify.com113710013232Location, Ad ID
loopme.me143935282Location, Ad ID
admarvel.com284846312Ad ID, Location
mixpanel.com1074802162IMEI, Ad ID
urbanairship.com5337915362Location, Android ID
streamrail.net108783182Location, Ad ID
3g.cn1677774452Android ID, Ad ID
apptentive.com965774392Android ID, PhoneNo.
chartboost.com4778732292IMEI, Android ID
acekoala.com916737482Gender, Ad ID
scorecardresearch.com33025713302Ad ID, Android ID
aniview.com470564122Location, Ad ID
kiip.me57543102Location, Ad ID
pushwoosh.com210474182Android ID, Location
appcelerator.net47462222MAC Addr., Android ID
qq.com617442142IMEI, MAC Addr.
pinterest.com20041472Android ID, Ad ID
atdmt.com1493810202Location, Ad ID
mediabrix.com7337292Location, Ad ID
greystripe.com6733252Android ID, Ad ID
celtra.com556268152Ad ID, Gender
tlnk.io61266122IMEI, Ad ID
woobi.com128252132Location, Ad ID
imrworldwide.com549223112Ad ID, Location
appnext.com3718582Ad ID, Gender
fluentmobile.com18184162IMEI, Android ID
iasds01.com31517392Ad ID, Location
2mdn.net2366155112Ad ID, Location
quantcount.com44153152Ad ID, Android ID
ymtracking.com3113792Ad ID, IMEI
qbk1.com1313662Location, Ad ID
ninthdecimal.com1412572Location, Ad ID
adrta.com2811462Ad ID, IMEI
topclipcenter.com1510222IMEI, Ad ID
adsrvr.org2499442Location, Ad ID
altitudeplatform.com119222Ad ID, Location
afftrx.com148222Ad ID, Location
fbcdn.net136886242Email, IMEI
insightexpressai.com4416362Location, Ad ID
inmobi.com10513222Location, Ad ID
lkqd.net163811924221Ad ID
heyzap.com10428557671Ad ID
dotomi.com9164875131Ad ID
lfstmedia.com49637311191Ad ID
spotxchange.com4872375101Ad ID
crwdcntrl.net4372363141Ad ID
fyber.com27002134321Ad ID
apsalar.com1841173151Android ID
rubiconproject.com6311074131Ad ID
vdopia.com14197231Ad ID
tinyhoneybee.com1238729391Ad ID
pubnative.net10460491Ad ID
mediaplex.com13840281Ad ID
hiberniacdn.com118342161Ad ID
tbliab.net3928291Ad ID
apprevolve.com412720261Ad ID
admobclick.com372720261Ad ID
twitter.com202125451Ad ID
leadbolt.net3620471Ad ID
rollbar.com38172161Ad ID
online-metrix.net289154141Android ID
adsymptotic.com7515241Ad ID
doodlemobile.com30153151Ad ID
traktum.com33145101Ad ID
vserv.mobi2913221Ad ID
btrll.com21212231Ad ID
onesignal.com27123111Ad ID
king.com1512781Ad ID
thirdpresence.com1111251Ad ID
go2cloud.org5510451Ad ID
glispa.com3210681Ad ID
bee7.com1010281Ad ID
convertro.com458281Ad ID
sift.co108441Ad ID
trksrv.com98781Ad ID
serving-sys.com8726231Ad ID
vlcty.net146341Ad ID
api-02.com86221Ad ID
wecloud.io855241Ad ID
atom-data.io255251Ad ID
hxczzzw.com85231Ad ID
trkn.us84221Ad ID
o5o4o6.com93231Ad ID
resultsmedia.com73221Ad ID
arrivalist.com342221Ad ID