This page lists answers to frequently asked questions for using ReCon. If you have any other questions not covered by this FAQ, please file a bug report or contact us directly at meddle-support @ lists.ccs.neu.edu.

General questions

Does ReCon work for Uber?
For reasons we don't understand and cannot control, Uber blocks network traffic from EC2 sites. You help remove this block by contacting them directly to remove the filter for IPs resolving to *.meddle.mobi.

Can I use ReCon over airport WiFi and other public access points?
Yes, you absoluately can! However, some WiFi hotspots require users to sign in and/or watch an ad before getting access via a captive portal. To sign in, you will need to turn off Meddle temporarily, then re-enable after you have signed in.

The password you sent me to install the profile is wrong.
Please make sure that the first passcode it's asking to input is your phone's passcode, instead of the one we sent you.

How can I uninstall ReCon?
You can follow instructions for iOS and Android.

Android-specific questions

Do I need to worry about the following warning: "Your network may be monitored by an unknown third party!" in Android 5.0+?
This is normal behavior for Android 5.0+. The warning is raised at each reboot and cannot be disabled by the user. Your data is safe with us -- if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

iOS-specific questions

The .mobileconfig file won't install the ReCon VPN, what's wrong?
The file won't work if you open the attachment using the GMail app or e-mail clients other than the default Mail app. Please open the attachment using the native Mail app, or with Safari.

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