What can ReCon do for me?

Nearly every time you access the Internet, some hidden company is quietly gathering information about you without your explicit consent. This includes where you are, what Web sites you are visiting, and even you real name, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe that this continues to occur because today's phones give us no visibility into what information is being sent, and no control over how it is shared with companies. ReCon fills this gap by providing you with transparency and control over personal information sent over the network.

More specifically, ReCon will show you what information is being sent to third parties, including understanding how companies are tracking your movements in your day-to-day life. Further, ReCon provides services that allow you to block or modify the personal information your device leaks so you can take control of privacy. Below are a few example services we provide; we are constantly developing and experimenting with others.

  • Privacy leak detection
    We use state of the art machine learning techniques to automatically identify when your personal information is being leaked by your device, without even needing to know in advance what is your personal information.
  • Privacy monitoring
    ReCon shows you which sites are gathering information about you, and what they are gathering. You can use our site to tell us if we are right or wrong about our analysis, and our system will learn to how to better identify your privacy violations. We are also currently building a service that will send you notifications as privacy violations occur.
  • Tracker blocking
    Many of us are familiar with in-browser blocking of advertisements and trackers through plugins such as AdBlock. In Meddle, we provide this service for all apps, not just your Web browser.
  • Custom filters
    Don't want to block all personal information? No problem! We support custom filters that ensure your privacy is protected without adverse affects on app usability.
  • Identity management
    Want more privacy? We can make you look identical to hundreds of other users, making it difficult for third parties to learn information tied to you personally.

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